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Long or short, pomaded or natural, even left bald-hair is a crucial social and cultural indicator, an instant visual cue of role and gender.
More intimate, more personal, than clothing, it is a part of the body that can be modified.
It reminds us of the most fundamental part of our being, a record of our origins as a species, our animal nature.
Every culture around the world has an established set of symbolic values regarding hair.
Some even consider hair the source of man's vital force and a point of direct connection with divinity.
Male facial hair is a secondary sexual characteristic, like breasts on women.
To touch someone's hair is an act of intimacy.
Among our ways of physically communicating who we are, hair is the one that can be most readily modified, the one that best suits a sudden change.
If we don't like the style, it doesn't matter: we know it will grow back.
We can manipulate its shape, its colour and its length quite easily, and a simple change in volume can give one the appearance of a new face and a new personality.
You work HARD and play even HARDER. You like your look sharp. We know you do, because we are you!

Myke Ball, Sr.
Owner and Licensed Master Barber at the Ballroom Barbershop has been in the industry for 30+ years. I pride myself in giving special attention to detail, quality service, and compassion towards clients.

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Welcome to the Ballroom Barbershop. Men don't belong in a beauty salon, they belong in a Barbershop! The Ballroom is the premeir men's Barbershop experience.

The Ballroom has prided itself on our emphasis towards personal and uncompromising service. Providing a welcoming and professional atmosphere, quality, dependable, and convenient scheduling and the best value for the experience is what sets the
Ballroom Barbershop above the rest.

​There is much debate over which part of a man gets noticed first.
Is it his hair?
His shoes?
His smile?
The truth is, everything gets noticed, so it all needs attention.
The Ballroom is the premeir place to get that attention.